“Gady Raccah Holdings Ltd.” is a construction company established in 2000 by Gady Raccah


The company is managed by Adv. Gady Raccah, who holds a master’s degree in law specializing in real estate.


The company incorporates Arshargad Development and Construction Company Ltd., which specializes in commercial and industrial construction and established in 1996 , as well as Sharad Equity Real Estate Ltd., which specializes in residential and office buildings and established in 1998.


Under Arshargad Development and Construction Company Ltd. tens of thousands of square meters of commercial and industrial space were built, and under the company Shrad Equity Real Estate Ltd., hundreds of apartments and tens of thousands of meters


Management philosophy


From the first project in 1996 to the present, our management philosophy remains the same. We provide quality, punctuality, budget, innovation and thinking outside the box.


We pride ourselves on being a family company that carries the dedication and commitment of all the company’s functionaries. In our company, we understand the importance of trust between the contractor and the customer,


With more than a quarter of a century’s experience, we see the integrity, professionalism, ethics and satisfaction of our customers as a supreme value.


What we specialize in


Gady Raccah Holdings Ltd. is an entrepreneurial and operational contracting company.
The company is engaged in the management, coordination and execution of projects.


Our services include engineering accompaniment for the project from the planning level, coordination of planners, authorities, supervision and engineering accompaniment at the construction site, standard engineering consulting and budget management.


Our company has extensive experience in all types of construction work, Both in the business sector, including adaptation and conversion of buildings, special projects in living plants, and civil engineering projects, And in the private sector, from renovations of buildings, apartments and villas to construction as a final contractor, key contractor and main contractor.


All work is carried out under the strictest safety standards and the protection of human

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